Ingredients to watch out for in Milk Mixes

Ingredients to watch out for in Milk Mixes

Energy drink, Health Drink, Health Supplement, etc etc. What comes to your mind when you think of buying a milk mix for your children? Well, these are some of the terms that most products in the market sell by. But when you go out (or online) to buy your child's favourite milk mix the next time, just check for the following ingredients.

1. Maltodextrin - A highly processed for of sweetener, it is added to milk mixes to sweeten them. Regular use can cause various side effects. [source : WebMd]

2. Artificial Colours - Colours are added to give that attractive colour, of course, to your milk mix. Colours are used to create perception in the minds of consumers. Synthetic colours can be harmful.

3. Trans fatty acids - According to MedLine Plus encyclopaedia, "they may be particularly dangerous for heart health and may pose a risk for certain cancers."

4. Refined Sugar - is bereft of any nutrition value. Unlike natural sweeteners, refined sugar is just empty calories and has no minerals, vitamins or antioxidants.

5. Synthetic nutrients - You will find a long list of nutrients on food labels. Chances are these are synthetic and not natural. Synthetic nutrients are made artificially. According to , it is unclear how well synthetic nutrients are absorbed in the body.

6. A long list of ingredients - As a thumb rule, the shorter the ingredient list, the higher the chances that ingredients are natural and have fewer or no additives and preservatives.

So, next time you set out for your grocery shopping, watch out for these in your food label!

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