Natural sweeteners vs Refined Sugar!

Natural sweeteners vs Refined Sugar!

It would be a fair guess that each one of us would have learned that refined sugar is bad for us. Yet, India has over 55 Million diabetics, slated to grow to over 134 Million by 2045. There is increasing risk of type 1 and type2 diabetes in Indian children, according to the Indian Council of Medical Research.


Yet, everyday, children are given sugar-loaded products at almost every Indian home. In this article, we bring to you some naturals sweetener alternatives to refined sugar and compare these along the following important parameters.

1. Sourcing

Honey is sourced naturally from bees and Jaggery is made from sugarcane juice. On the other hand, refined sugar is produced at the last stage of sugarcane refinement after all minerals and nutrients are stripped off when sugar crystals are formed. Thus refined sugar offers no health benefits to consumers.

2. Added Chemicals

Honey and Jaggery do not require any chemical treatment whereas most of the refined sugar in the market has Sulfur or other harmful chemicals not good for health. That is why it is often called "sweet poison".

3. Healthy Minerals

Refined sugar has no healthy minerals. Honey and jaggery on the other hand have naturally occuring minerals that help in various metabolism and gut functions.

4. Benefits

Honey is known to boost digestion and improve gut health. Honey from different flowers have properties such as being rich in Omega fatty acids. It is also known to contain anti-oxidants.

Jaggery helps in digestions, wards off cold and is rich in minerals such as Iron and Zinc.

Finally, refine sugar has none of the above benefits.

We hope that you will gradually free your family from the perils of refined sugar and create another healthy habit in your family. #VedHabit

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