Ayurveda and Millets

Ayurveda and Millets

Millet are high-protein, gluten-free cereals. They have numerous benefits for humans of all ages, including children. For example, consuming millets reduces the risk of childhood asthma by about 50%. Millets are widely recognized to have low glycemic index, helping to manage and diabetes. They have strong potential in dietary management and the prevention of diabetes.


In Ayurveda, millets belong to the group of Trina dhanya varga i.e. group of grains produced by grass like plants.

They are supposed to balance Pitta and Kafa. Well-cooked millets are light to digest, appetizing and carminative in nature. However, their excess intake can increase Vata dosha.

Scientific evidence also shows that eating millets can boost growth by up to 26-39% in children as well as adolescents. [ https://www.icrisat.org/scientific-evidence-shows-eating-millets-leads-to-better-growth-in-children/ ]


Millets contain about 6 – 12% protein, 60 – 70% carbohydrates, and 2-7% fiber, 1-5% fat. They are rich in naturally occurring minerals, Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron and are a good source of energy.

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