Effortless Healthy Living

Eating healthy today is a BIG DEAL. Our busy lives take such a toll on us that focusing on eating healthy is an overhead for us. So, we shortcut to eating easy. Ordering grocery from the convenience of our home, picking a sandwich on our way to office, pouring a glass of canned juice, telling ourselves that it is as healthy as a freshly-squeezed fruit.  


But we know deep inside that it is not true. We repeat this so much over time that it becomes – A Habit. A bad one. 

And unfortunately, we do the same with our kids. Feed them the same canned juice, the same glutten-loaded meal, the masala noodle that impairs their digestion and other “junk” that their body is not meant to process. And then, this becomes their eating habit too. And as we know, old habits die hard!! 


But what about building good habits early in your children so that these habits don’t die as your children grow up? That is exactly what we, at Ved Habit, aim to do, meal by meal. Committed to our vision of creating a healthier society, we strive to make products for your Dinacharya, using natural sources, natural sweeteners and high nutrition ingredients. We have enhanced the age-old grandma’s recipe (based on Ayurvedic texts) to suit the needs of pressing modern lifestyle so that you and your children get the best of “the good old ways” and modern living needs. 


So, go ahead, and make that switch from just taste to taste and health for your child. After all, they mean the world to you!