Why did we start Ved Habit

Because we were fed up. Fed up with the lies brands throw in advertisements; fed up with the preservatives and additives and Refined Sugar that is added in packaged food, and fed up with the artificial ingredients and sweeteners in our food.  

Companies know that after all, if it is tasty, the consumer will buy it..once and again. And again. So what if we have become the Diabetes capital of the World, with over 55 million diabetics. According to ICMR, over 95,600 children below 14 years have Type 1 diabetes with 16,000 children added every year. We have been living the proverbial “Ignorance is Bliss” life. 


So we decided to start Ved Habit with the resolve that we will make products that are good for us, and our children. And ensuring that they taste great too. 

We went back to basics. The old way of Indian preparation, and we turned to Ayurveda. We learnt that nothing can substitute natural ingredients when it comes to nutrition value. We learnt that artificial fortification is not the only way to provide the necessary nutrition.  

Our vision is to create a healthy society by making products that inculcate healthy habits in your children, Effortlessly! 


Our First Product

We want to get the right product to you. And making the right product takes time. Launching 20 products and marketing to get your attention is not our ethos. After spending close to a year in researching with consumers, our nutritionists and Ayurveda doctors made the Chocolate Milk Mix- a product we can give to our children everyday. Without guilt. It is packed with nutrition of Millets (Jowar, Ragi and Oats) and all the goodness a mother would like to give her child – ghee, whey protein, jaggery, Tulsi, and Ashwagandha.  

So throw away the tastemaker you are feeding your children and make the switch to a healthy habit for your child.